• Doug kim
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    • English / 中國語
    • 8 years - Guiding Experience
    • Good at all Kind of Eco & Trekking Tour
    • Becoming a tour leader was my DREAM since when I was the early twenties, through a solo traveler experience, plus often BUSINESS TRAVELING for a company in a big city to distance gave me to get the WISH to be, and the lack of COURAGE to transfer my work let me wait a long time.
      Here I already got the happy 8 year experience of tour guiding for about 15,000 visitors from more than 100 countries. And now with some of my colleagues, better call them nice friends, I try to boost my dream by serving the best chance guests to see, be, explore and feel the geologic and ecologic nature here Jeju, Korea.
      Let’s see the nature of Unique, feel the Energy of nature, and be the Nature ourselves together!
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    #Hard Walking
    #Deep down of Jeju
  • Daisy
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    • 中國語
    • 中文导游 5年经验
    • 进行记者协会研讨会
    • 大家好 我是在济州最漂亮最可爱的全艺思导游 欢迎大家来济州岛旅游
      不但给大家看看济州岛的经典 而且让大家感觉到什么是济州的真正魅力
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  • Zin
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    • English / 中國語
    • 10 years - Guiding Experience
    • The main Tour Guide of Yeha Bus Tour
    • Hi, Mate! I am Zin, an easy going person. Love to meet & talk with people. I've been guidng for about 10years in Jeju Island, I've seen and experienced how the travel trend of Jeju has got changed so far. So yes, I am sure I know Jeju, I know where most tourists want to visit, want to eat, want to experience, want to take their own family, childeren, fiance to make the most memorable memory.
      More than other things, I am good at Customized tour. It will be ok you prepare nothing for your Jeju tirp because i will do it for you. All you need to do is just letting me know what or how you imagine your own jeju trip, what or how you want your Jeju trip looks like, then I'll use all my Jeju connections to customize & amuse you. I very hope to see you in Jeju.
    #Customized Tour
    #Family Tour
    #Slow Walking
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  • Henny
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    • English
    • 2 years - Guiding Experience
    • Conducted 200 times tour in Jeju
    • Welcome to beautiful Jeju Island. I’m Soyeon (Henny) a tour guide of Jeju Island. Jeju is famous for its beautiful own nature such as Pacific Ocean, volcanic caves, mountains and forest. And Jeju has designated as one of the Unesco natural heritages in the world.
      Also going through about a thousand years of history, Jeju has developed lots of unique and precious local culture and food. So Jeju is most loved vacation place in Korea. I’ve been working as a tour guide in Jeju for 2 years and meet variety people from about 35 counties.
      I’m really proud of this job when people enjoyed their travel and felt happiness. My tour programs are made up of scenic photo spots of Jeju and the most beautiful spots in each season. And furthermore, if you have specific places in Jeju where’re not include my program, you can make your own tour course with me.
      I’ll do my best to make your safe, memorable and happy voyage in Jeju. I hope you have a relaxed and great trip in Jeju and I’d be happy to be with you. See you soon in Jeju Island!
    #Real Jeju
    #Discovery Jeju
    #Best Jeju
  • Cindy
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    • English / 中國語
    • 20 years - Guiding Experience
    • Conducted more than 10 thousand Tours
    • Hello! I am Cindy. I was born in Jeju island and majored in Nursing in University. I have been to Tokyo in Japan for 2 years, been to San francisco in U.S for about 3 years to learn language. Now I speak English, Japanese, Chinese and my mother tongue, Jeju Language & Korean.
      I am sure i am really good at takeing care of the other people because i was a nurse before and good at Jeju Language because I am Native Jeju People. It will be a Bad Side that Jeju is an isolated island, It is hard to travel well in Jeju if you are not native.
      There are so much nice places which are all hidden somewhere here in Jeju, only native people may know, may visit. So it is kinda lucky that you know some native people here in Jeju for your Jeju trip.
      So try to find me first in Jeju, I will take you to all the promised places, plus all hidden places which are not promised.
    #Native Jeju People
    #All hidden Places of Jeju
    #Find Me First
  • Suzie
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    • English
    • 13 years-Guiding Experience
    • The Customized Tour of company for VIP
    • Hi, Mate! I am Suzie, a cheerful, lively and positive person. Love to meet & talk with people. I was born here in Jeju and I've been working as a special tour guide for more than 10 years on Jeju island. I have a long and varied career, so I have my own know-how. I can say that I know about Jeju better than anyone else.
      I know well about Jeju, where tourists want to go and what they want to do. Best of all, I offer tours that suit the taste of customers, because I always listen to the customer's voice. All you have to do is tell me what you want from Jeju tour and let me know about your opinion, then I'll do it for you to give you good memories.
      I hope to see you soon.
    #Customized Tour
  • Joanne
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    • English
    • 8 years
    • Korea National Tour with Turkish State Broadcasting Company (TRT)
    • Hi! I am Joanne. I was born in Seoul, lived in Busan and The States. I moved to Jeju 8 years ago, and I've been living here so far. Soon, you may find the reasons why I chose Jeju and you may choose Jeju too.
      I love enjoying beautiful Jeju's nature according to the changes of seasons. For example, blue and emerald colored beach, black and red color's lava stones, yellow canola flowers, pink cherry blossoms, blue hydrangea flowers, white snow covered top of the Mt. Halla, and lots of orange farms.
      I love eating black pork B.B.Q, fresh fish and seafood, sweet dessert, and fresh 100 % mandarin juice. I love walking slowly like a lazy horse enjoying beautiful nature. I love time with my family, friends or myself at the cafes having beautiful scenery.
      Now, do you get the reasons why I chose here? If you want to enjoy like me, why don't you choose Jeju? Jeju is always waiting for you. Hope to see you soon.
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  • Chalrie
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    • English / 中國語
    • 8 years-Guiding Experience
    • The Main Tour Guide of Lotte Bus Tour & Hana day Tour
    • Hi I am Chalrie, thank you for click my page. probably this page ranked below haha. I think Im a stereotype of extrovert person. I enjoy talking to strangers without any difficulty.
      even sometimes I feel exiled to this island. when I don't have anyone to communicate with. (don't get me wrong I m not an unhappy person)that's why I 've choose tour guide job.
      I've been guidng for about 8 years in Jeju Island, in the meantime I realized where people want to go , what they want to eat, and what they want to feel.
      above all, I am good at Customized tour. and I have extraordinary ability to make you feel easy . it's like a friend you have known for a long time.
      as a native people in jeju, I Proud well preserved nature and many historic site. also My tour programs are focus on these two things . I ll do my best for your memorable time in here.
      hope to see you soon in Jeju.
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    #Family Tour
    #essential tour of jeju
    #day tour
  • Lowell
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    • English
    • 7years-Guiding Experience
    • The Main Tour Guide of Yeha Bus Tour
    • Hello, dear my mate ! I am Lowell, I’m a person like travel. Because I am a serious and fun person. It's because we pursue the fun of every moment of travel while seriously facing the meaning of our daily life through the various landscapes and people we encounter while traveling. I travel every year. Going to see and feel as much as possible during life is a big axis of my life. I went to many destinations and met a lot of really good friends, and I want to return the kindness and memories they gave me to those who looking for beautiful Jeju.

      Jeju Island is like a comprehensive gift set. It is not big, but it is a place where mountains, sea, and fields are combined to create a wonderful landscape. If you drive in 30 minutes, you can get the mountains or the sea. Jeju island is four seasons, it is a beautiful place where you can see spring yellow canola flowers, summer surfers, autumn leaves, and winter snow. And all area are made of lava land, so you can see the natural mysterious birth process.

      It is said that making a lot of happy memories will make life happy, and it will make you laugh in the daily life of pieces. If you come to Jeju Island and meet me and your daily life becomes happier, I would be really happy.

      Meet on the beautiful Jeju Island ^^
    #M.T Halla trekking
    #best Kimbab
    #best Korean cup nudle
    #The highest mountain in Korea
  • HongChul
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    • 中國語
    • 6 years - Guiding Experience
    • The Main Tour Guide of Yeha Bus Tour
    • Hello, Everyone! I am Kang Hongcheol. My parents named me Kang Hongcheol, because they wanted me to become a generous person who is willing to embrace people’s weakness & 's Inanity and help people to search their own hearts. It is kinda my philosophy that people need to help each other becuase we, people couldn’t stand on earth our own strength without someone’s help.
      I’d grown up in Jeju island all my life till 25, then moved to Seoul, which is capital of Korea. When I was working there as tour guides, always people who I met, said your hometown is so beautiful or I wish to settle down your hometown. Or how come you abandoned your hometown etc.
      Now as you see, I decide to come back to my hometown. Because now I know how beautiful & unique my hometown, Jeju is.
      And I am so ready to help you to make wonderful Jeju travel of your life.
    #Customized Tour
    #Family Tour
    #Slow Tour
    #Tour with Philosophy